Actual Multitasking on an Android tablet

Android has always allowed multi tasking, its just that there had been a lack of apps that can be used in “windowed” mode.. hence making standard PC like multitasking difficult..

here i tried out two free apps that can be run in independant floating windows –

Super Video:…

Floating browser:…

as you can see Floating Browser even supports WebGL quite well!
both are free, the pro versions have extra features

there are a few other apps that allow windowed mode:
AirCalc (on-screen calculator) –…

Floating Stickies(postits on your screen) –

Floating Banner – a full functional popup floating application for users to run the widgets in a floating panel at anytime and anywhere.

You can customize your favorite application shortcuts and widgets in a floating box thing. –

the video used for the demo is Winter Free Running – Ice Parkour – Ronnie Shalvis
and can be viewed here –

Grab the SONG on iTunes: (“Get Over It” by Mayday RED)

Sketchfab 3d Previews now supported in Blendswap everyone’s favorite blend(blender model)sharing site now supports Sketchfab’s webGL models!

heres a quick video on how to set it up for your models…

step1: copy the page url of your sketchfab model(not the embed code)
step2: in your blendswap model page, click “Edit Data” and then paste the sketchfab page’s url in the box for “3D Preview”
step3: remember to mention what you’ve added in the “What did you change?” box, otherwise it won’t save the changes.
step4: now click the big “Save Changes” button!

note: is also supported in case you have your models on their site.

as an example heres my Blendswap page-

Convert your existing 3d models to webgl

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Convert your existing 3d models to webgl

If your a 3d modeller who works with blender(or other software) and knows very little or no coding, this tutorial is for you. In a few easy steps you can convert your existing models to webgl and put them on your website. Minimal coding skills required. tutorial is with Blender and x3d.. but other software can be used as well.

note: can't figure out how to get textures to load yet. will post an update if and when i get it to work.

To figure it out on your own take a look at

also check out and for no hassle online model hosting.

WebGL on android devices! now works on android devices(in webgl supporting browsers.. and i think ICS)!
Good job Sketchfab team!

here you can see it running on an acer iconia a500 (android ICS) in the Firefox Browser.. will try the other browsers later.

to try it yourself head over to
to see my dunebuggy model –
to see my gunship model –

these models were both done on Blender.

Checked other android browsers: loads on Opera Mobile, but not interactive. rest don't support webGL(Chrome, Android Browser, Dolphin HD)