Modelled some Indian coins


Modelled some Indian coins(and one old one from the East India Company). .then did a structure that would be impossible to create in real life.. unless you used super glue or something 🙂

(click to see the model)

heres a lighter model with just the coins(this model will load faster)

(click to see the model)


Metro tokens


was looking for something to model quickly today..
found this delhi metro token lying around.. so googled the bangalore metro token as well.. and viola..
a few minutes with blender and gimp(creating the diffuse and normal maps)

(click to see the model)

(click to see the model)

(click to see the model)

i might just start a series of models on indian coins..

Sketchfab’s Material Editor

Uncategorized just added a material editor to their webgl models.. this video shows you how to enable it on older uploads. newer uploads will have it enabled by default.

These are the settings you can manipulate:
(note: your model obviously needs to be UV Unwrapped for the textures to work)

Diffuse Color – You can use the original diffuse texture if you uploaded one with your model, or use the color picker to re-color it.
heres my old one

and the new

Lightmap – for pre-baked lighting on your models.
Specular Color – This controls the intensity of the texture/color meant to reflect in light.
Shininess – This slot controls the sharpness of the specular map, and higher settings make the material glossier.
Normal Map– works best with an actual normal map.
Opacity – Controls any transparancy in your materials, or model selected.
Emission – This controls any part of your model you would like to have a glow or self-illumination.
Environment Reflection – This setting is used only if you enabled a cubemap as environment..and is multiplied by the specular color.

the model above can be viewed at

Sketchfab to give unlimited uploads soon!


In the recent year i’ve tried out 2 web gl portfolio providers including
they all give you a limited number of uploads/space and embed codes for the models that work in most blogs and a few of the cg forums out there..

to see what Web GL models look like in all their glory head over to

they seem to be the best service provider right now, with offerings of free unlimited uploads for all (as soon as they reach 20,000 users) and several other features for pro users.

check out my portfolio there –

was hoping for a long time that Opera Community would add support in the blog.. but anyway wordpress and other forums support it, so check it out yourself.

the embed codes that sketchfab provides are:
iframe code
bb code
simple html