Got this game yesterday. decent graphics(environments seemed a bit dull at times on my Tegra2 tablet) and interesting story so far.

Get it on the play store(Rs377.18) at this link.

The controls are a bit simplistic, i find them a bit cumbersome at times.. especially since i’m used to fps control schemes like in Shadowgun or the hybrid ones in games like Tintin.

For other acer iconia(or simillar tablet) users who have been having trouble with the game – You need to have atleast 6gb free(after installing) for the system to be able to run it smoothly. so don’t think that since the game is 2gb, you’ll just free up that much space and install it.. that won’t work i’m afraid.

I’ve also recently(month back) done a factory reset.. and am running Apex launcher which is why the tablet is running so smoothly.

Heres an actual video that shows what the graphics look like as well as how smooth the gameplay can be.. if you free up all that extra space.


Chameleon Beta Arrived


Chameleon Beta Arrived

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Had found this a while back and supported it on kickstarter.. Its a slick looking homescreen replacement that stands apart from other simillar apps in that its got nicer widgets.. that have smart scaling+arrangeing features..

the beta just arrived today(for me). Installed and started trying it out.
Heres a quick video demo from the makers

heres some initial pics of it running on my acer tab a500

the installation and registration was pretty painless

was ready to go in no time..

am liking the grid alignment and widgets.. wish there were a lot more though.. currently it just has widgets for twitter, rss feeds, weather and instagram(useless for me since i don't use it 😛 ) wwish there were more of the widgets you see in the video above.
They do say that more widgets will be coming soon.. along with custom wallpapers
lets wait and see. So far am enjoying it.. but its not going to be my default home screen just yet.

since regular android widgets are not supported.. it looks quite dull compared to my default android layout.

UPDATE 17th Aug
After the last update it now supposrts custom wallpapers on each screen.

weekend sketch..gunship from Avatar

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chopper from avatar by ~chaitanyak on deviantART

fingerpainted on my android tablet using autodesk sketchbook

Published my first app to the Android Market!


My first published app is available for download on the Android App Market here. or on the page Conduit created for me here(also has the PC/MAC browser version of the app)

The following is a quick tutorial on how practically anyone can create one. …