Portals and Gateways


Did these two quick models yesterday.. and uploaded to shketchfab.com

The first is a “Door”, a technology used by the Carrier(orbiting space station) in The Authority.

click for the interactive 3d model

The Authority is this neat comic series by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. Its about a team of super heroes.. thats a bit more dysfunctional than your typical comic book super teams.

The second one is a 3d version of my favorite graphics from the game Portal(and Portal 2)

click for the interactive 3d model

of course i’ve yet to model the most popular of these portals/doorways – the Stargate.. will do that sometime soon!


old corroded bronze mask


Hadn’t done a sculpt in a while.. so today i did a quick sculpt
of an old corroded bronze mask..
see it in 3d on Sketchfab here.

model was sculpted in Sculptris, textured in Blender.

the Blender file is available here –
the file has two models, one is set up for games and Blender’s internal renderer, the other is set up for the Cycles renderer. models and materials are named appropriately. diffuse texture and normal maps included.

iWatch concepts


Sketchfab.com had their second modelling challenge over the weekend..
The theme for this “Sketchfast” was the soon to be announced and heavily rumored iWatch by Apple.

i submitted a few ideas this is the one i hope will win-

iWatch Transformer
see the model here
folds open to show you a full screen ipod touch 🙂

the other ones i did are:

The Ordinary(probably what the actual iWatch from Apple will endup being)

click here for the 3d model

The square hologram projection

click here for the 3d model

The more SciFi 3D hologram

click here for the 3d model

all these were modelled in Blender and the textures were sourced from the net(promo images of other Apple products)

The results should be announced in a few hours.

the rest of the contest entries can be seen here
my current favorite is this one

by Revel(click here for the model). He turned the strap into a usb/charging cable. very innovative.

this highly detailed one by Mestaty takes the cake-

its meant to have sensors that can track your finger gestures.. so you don’t have to touch the screen!
Click here for a better look at the model.

The winners were just announced!
here are all the results!
i came 5th 😛

This is the winning entry. Quite a classy design.. i like the detailing.. especially with the strap.

Sketchfab 3d Previews now supported in Blendswap


Blendswap.com everyone’s favorite blend(blender model)sharing site now supports Sketchfab’s webGL models!

heres a quick video on how to set it up for your models…

step1: copy the page url of your sketchfab model(not the embed code)
step2: in your blendswap model page, click “Edit Data” and then paste the sketchfab page’s url in the box for “3D Preview”
step3: remember to mention what you’ve added in the “What did you change?” box, otherwise it won’t save the changes.
step4: now click the big “Save Changes” button!

note: p3d.in is also supported in case you have your models on their site.

as an example heres my Blendswap page- http://www.blendswap.com/user/chaitanyak

Youtube Monetisation


I started posting videos to youtube a few years back.. but only enabled the “monetisation”(heres the FAQ on this) option around a year back.. to see if it generates any cash. Last week i got my first cheque from Google!
That got my hopes up.. and so when one of my favorite sites(sketchfab.com) added a new feature(read here).. i did a video walkthrough on how to use it.

heres the video:

..and then this happens today.
Google’s tricks to avoid paying video publishers

so.. basically as long as they’re not paying you.. they don’t care what you upload.. but the moment you start getting hits.. and they have to part with money.. they find a vague loophole.
which in this case is beyond me as i clearly mention that its my model.. and the features are on Sketchfab’s site. Infact sketchfab(bless their souls) even use this video on their own blog post about these features!

Anyway am not that bothered about it(as long as the video is viewable thats fine with me),
so this blog post is the last i will say about it. Just wanted other youtubers to know about it.

Sketchfab’s Material Editor


Sketchfab.com just added a material editor to their webgl models.. this video shows you how to enable it on older uploads. newer uploads will have it enabled by default.

These are the settings you can manipulate:
(note: your model obviously needs to be UV Unwrapped for the textures to work)

Diffuse Color – You can use the original diffuse texture if you uploaded one with your model, or use the color picker to re-color it.
heres my old one

and the new

Lightmap – for pre-baked lighting on your models.
Specular Color – This controls the intensity of the texture/color meant to reflect in light.
Shininess – This slot controls the sharpness of the specular map, and higher settings make the material glossier.
Normal Map– works best with an actual normal map.
Opacity – Controls any transparancy in your materials, or model selected.
Emission – This controls any part of your model you would like to have a glow or self-illumination.
Environment Reflection – This setting is used only if you enabled a cubemap as environment..and is multiplied by the specular color.

the model above can be viewed at http://skfb.ly/l4hgfe1da