Painted the old 3D Prints

Had these models printed years back.. theyve just been sitting and gathering dust.. so decided to “update” them.
used standard acrylic paints, and a paintbrush.

Angry Tentacle Guy


Alien Centaur


oh, and both models are available for free at Thingiverse(incase you have your own printer) and at the Shapeways store, in case you just want to buy one.

old corroded bronze mask

Hadn’t done a sculpt in a while.. so today i did a quick sculpt
of an old corroded bronze mask..
see it in 3d on Sketchfab here.

model was sculpted in Sculptris, textured in Blender.

the Blender file is available here –
the file has two models, one is set up for games and Blender’s internal renderer, the other is set up for the Cycles renderer. models and materials are named appropriately. diffuse texture and normal maps included.

how to put a 3d model on your blog or website

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how to put a 3d model on your blog or website

If your into 3d modelling and sculpting, your often left wondering how to share a model with a client who has no 3d program experience..

heres a quick tutorial on how to post an interactive 3d model on your blog or website using and webGL.. the 3d model loads up without any fancy plugins or anything.. the visitor just needs a webGL enabled browser.. like Chrome