In Saturn’s Rings First Official Teaser

Award winning film maker Stephen van Vuuren first read about Saturn and Titan in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos as a child. In 2004, Cassini arrived at Saturn barely noticed by the world. Both exulted by the stunning images and disappointed by the lack of interest, he committed to finding a way to make a film that showcased the incredible beauty of Saturn and our entire universe, while exploring the reasons why most people know so little about it.

Heres the first official trailer for the film In Saturn’s Rings..
and its in freaking 4K!!
you can see it here..
enable 4k if you have the bandwith, or a 4k screen..
if your like me, just oggle at it in HD.

The film is 100% created using only flat 2D photographs (often hundreds or thousands per frame) stitched together for massive hundred megapixel+ resolutions that are scaled and zoomed using techniques developed by the filmmaker, based on Ken Burns and 2.5D photo animation processes.

A computer is actually not even required to do this – it could all be done exactly using photoanimation techniques from 100 years ago (…).

No 3D models, texture mapping, 3D CGI, camera projection, cloning or painting or any other VFX techniques are used – every pixel is what was captured in the photograph. The photographs are processed as minimally as possible – much less than your average Instagram photo.

for more info check out…

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“Dare Mighty Things”

The crazy challenges faced while getting the Curiosity Rover to touchdown safely on Mars
Skip to 3:05 if you don't have time/patience for the whole video.

Epic week fo space enthusiastes

SpaceX went down in history, when their reusable spacecraft Dragon successfully docked with the International Space Station(ISS). theyre the first private company to get a multi billion dollar contract with NASA to get cargo(and possibly passengers) to the ISS.
heres the fantastic launch video

heres a video of the autonomous unmanned spacecraft successfully docking