Actual Multitasking on an Android tablet


Android has always allowed multi tasking, its just that there had been a lack of apps that can be used in “windowed” mode.. hence making standard PC like multitasking difficult..

here i tried out two free apps that can be run in independant floating windows –

Super Video:…

Floating browser:…

as you can see Floating Browser even supports WebGL quite well!
both are free, the pro versions have extra features

there are a few other apps that allow windowed mode:
AirCalc (on-screen calculator) –…

Floating Stickies(postits on your screen) –

Floating Banner – a full functional popup floating application for users to run the widgets in a floating panel at anytime and anywhere.

You can customize your favorite application shortcuts and widgets in a floating box thing. –

the video used for the demo is Winter Free Running – Ice Parkour – Ronnie Shalvis
and can be viewed here –

Grab the SONG on iTunes: (“Get Over It” by Mayday RED)