Modelled some Indian coins

Modelled some Indian coins(and one old one from the East India Company). .then did a structure that would be impossible to create in real life.. unless you used super glue or something 🙂

(click to see the model)

heres a lighter model with just the coins(this model will load faster)

(click to see the model)

Model of the Synergy Aircraft

my quick Blender model of Synergy Aircraft’s – Synergy

The Synergy is a proposed five-seat, single-engine, kit aircraft, designed by John McGinnis of Kalispell, Montana and intended for production by his company, Synergy Aircraft.
The aircraft’s closed wing design, termed a “double box tail”, is intended to lower induced drag and be stall resistant. – full wikipedia page

(click to view in 3D)

you can download the blender file here

I modelled this as a quick modelling/rendering exercise for a client who is designing a very different kind of aircraft. can’t talk about that coz of the NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement)

My Avenger model is in a game mod!! yipee!

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