Polar Bear in a Plastic Iceberg


A daily doodle with Masterpiece VR..
heres the 3d model –

see the sculpting session below

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Tilt Brush Doodle – Hawkman

hawkman (2)
A tilt brush doodle of hawkman. This software by google, works like a dream.. but some of the brushes use textures that are not optimised for sketchfab.. so I need to be carefull what I use. The sketching experience is incredible.. its unlike anything most artists will have experienced before.. I need to get my fiance into this.

view most of the creation process here –

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Some more Hard surface with VR

Practiced some more hard surface sculpts in VR

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Robots Sculpted in VR

Here are some of my early vr doodles.. where I actually got results I liked..

This is my favorite yet.. however I discovered the limits within which you can sculpt and couldnt figure out how to reposition my model.. so had to get creative with area below waist as there was no space to accomodate legs.. (20 min session)


With this one I explored more complex forms.. (20min session)


And this one I tried to push myself.. and spent a good hr on the sculpting process.

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VR Sculpting


Got a good deal on a Mixed Reality kit, so picked it up immediately!

I’d bookmarked it 6months back when it was 45k.. got it for 24k (INR).

Store link (was sold out when  I checked last)

The headset tracks the controllers.. via “inside-out” tracking cameras, hence theres no need for external sensors and time consuming calibration processes.

So far its been a blast!

Here are some things I’ve sculpted in Masterpiece VR today

(click to load the model and touch+drag to rotate)

Some quick things to note if your getting into a Mixed Reality kit:

1) There is no “mixed reality” content available yet.. a year after it launched

2) Unless your using it with a laptop, you will need to buy a bluetooth adaptor yourself. They don’t mention it as something you will need.. but you do. Thankfully I had been reading up on it in forums and discovered I would need one, so was prepared.

This is the generic one I got and it works fine.

3) Batteries. Buy a set of rechargeable AA batteries. the controllers drain them very fast.. especially(I suspect) since theres no off switch on them.

4) I’m mostly interested in sculpting and painting..not so much in gaming in VR(yet.. I am a PC and mobile gamer..so its possible that I might like VR gaming too)

5) We’re using it with a desktop that has a GTX 1060 (6gb)graphics card, 16gb RAM, Kaby Lake Intel Core i7 7700 @ 3.60GHz

It runs great.

6) To the artists out there, I can say that this kit gets the job done and while being way more affordable than either the Occulus Rift or HTC Vive right now.

7) Discovered this obscure issue with the bluetooth controllers.. they would disconnect and not reconnect at times.

The solution: 

1) Plug the dongle into the front of the cpu so that it gets no interference from any other wireless devices that might be plugged in at the back(in my case the wifi dongle is plugged in at the back)


2) Remove the troublesome controllers from the devices list

and re-pair them manually in the windows settings area.

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2500 Followers on Sketchfab

Just hit 2,500 followers, so decided to do a commemorative scene.. using a bunch of recent models and sculpts.

A big THANK YOU to the 500 new followers since my 2k followers post!!
Heres the old one(for 2000 followers)https://sketchfab.com/models/ba8389b72ffc4d52a5ce7b95aa73b79d

Featured models and sculpts:
Skybus (Blender) – https://sketchfab.com/models/fce16730b5de49a3a662961105ac3213
Winged Dragon Creature (Zbrushcore and Blender) – https://sketchfab.com/models/22ebf8a1f96e4b46bf9067bbec784082
Xeno Mech Suit (Zbrushcore) – https://sketchfab.com/models/9f00e768f40f4413a32abab76055ac2b
Spider man (Zbrushcore) – https://sketchfab.com/models/e20e3fde501d4be6afb61ba90e8deca0
Birds (Blender) – https://sketchfab.com/models/4cf318d9feb84aa391db164b668af42e
Vitruvian Creature (Blender) – https://sketchfab.com/models/f6e16afec0d24daa80aeee2098c01712

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