Rooted the Tab

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Rooted the Tab

Decided to root the tablet(acer iconia tab a500) before an update happens and makes it difficult.
Basically with my previous honeycomb version's it was not possible..

Now that i have ICS almost all the old rooting methods are supposed to work. i used the one by blackthund3r at this link:
Instructions(in brief for full details go to the link above)

On Windows(for linux go to the link above)
0) Install ICS on your tablet(see my previous post about this)
1) Enable USB Debugging on your tablet (Settings | Development | Enable USB Debugging)
2) Plug your tablet into the computer using the USB cable(make sure you install the latest drivers first, from hereabout 90mb)
3) Load up ICS Root(from here or the link above), choose your options and press "DO IT!"
4) Once rebooted, enjoy!!

was fairly straight forward.. got done in 5min.

note: this method apparently works on Acer Iconia Tab A500 / A501 / G100W / A510 / A511 / A200 (probably) on stock Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 from Acer (either leaked or OTA)

blackthund3r also has an Un-rooter app at the bottom of the page.. incase theres an OTA update later that doesn't install or something, and you feel that your device being rooted is somehow the issue.

Got ICS Manually

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Got ICS Manually

So as i mentioned earlier today(previous post)the Ice Cream Sandwich update has been taking its own sweet time to arrive on my Acer Iconia A500 tablet..
well about an hour back i lost patience and decided to do it myself using the method i mentioned .. the one from this XDA Forums post

Was a straight forward procedure:

basically i downloaded the update files(from the forum link above), that a user managed to download and zip.

1) make sure the file is called – "" if it isn't manually rename it. In my case the file's name was what it needed to be.
2) place the file on the micro sd card(check the forum for details on formatting etc.)My sd card was already formatted to spec.
3) turn off the tablet. i recommend having atleast 50% battery. in my case i left it connected to the power.
4) press the down volume key(closest to power button) and the power button at the same time untill the tablet turns on
5) the iconia will find the update files and start a process that looks like this(robot with gears and sprockets)

once that happens, it reboots .. in my case.. twice and then starts the upgrade process by itself.. nothing fancy, looks like this

nothing to do but watch and wait till it reboots.

now i have Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0.3

see the whole process in this video i shot of the whole process(well most of it):

only disappointing thing was not finding a "move to sd" option, under settings for apps..
was hoping that would be there.. missed it in honeycomb.

is there an app2sd app for ics?

UPDATE: June28 2012
sk8erfreak540 on youtube asked if i backed up my data before doing this.
Which is a good thing to do.. so i thought i'd mention it here.

i didnt backup anything .. coz this isnt my phone, i have no contacts or anything that needed backing up..the big? games, save onto the sdcard(partition on main memory) which is not affected by this. later i realised that the game saves might have gotten messed up.. but as it turns out game saves were not affected.

Waiting for ICS

I love Honeycomb. It was the first break away from the typical android ui.. its sleek, responsive..

Its a good change from the Froyo on my phone and Gingerbread i see on other devices.. My only major issue with it is the lack of app2sd support 😦 which means that my Iconia A500 can oly use the SD card for media files..comics..etc.

The update to Ice Cream Sandwich is supposed to change that(i've heard unconfirmed rumors).

Hence the eager wait for the update. Acer had first announced(second quarter 2011) that the Iconia A500 would hget the update in Jan 2012.. thats when i started waiting for it.. then january came and went and then february.. and then there was a honeycom 3.2 update that got my hopes up.. but no ICS.

About a month back, while updating other acer apps(bloatware) it automatically installed an app called the ICONIA TAB Update Enhancement get it here

This was meant to facilitate the ICS update. And then there was the announcement that everyone would get the update on April 27th.. and a lot of people did get it on that date! but not me.. or the few iconia users i know here in bangalore.

There is a manual update option using the update files that a resourceful user has posted over at XDA Forums here basically you need to

1) rename the file as :
2) place the file on the micro sd card
3) turn off the tablet
4) press the down volume key and the power button at the same time untill the tablets turns on
5) the iconia will start the upgrade process by itself.

I'm really tempted to do it myself.. lets see..
I just might today.

I did it. details here
I now have ICS on my acer iconia