Webcam Mesh

Found this crazy experimental demo thing done with html, css and webGL ..on the personal site of Felix Turner(a freelance web developer and creative technologist).

It uses your webcam to take an image and then simulates a 3d mesh effect!

try it out at –

According to @felixturner it creates a 3d depth map by mapping pixel brightness to Z-Depth. read more about it here

See the rest of Felix’s work here.

Convert your existing 3d models to webgl

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Convert your existing 3d models to webgl

If your a 3d modeller who works with blender(or other software) and knows very little or no coding, this tutorial is for you. In a few easy steps you can convert your existing models to webgl and put them on your website. Minimal coding skills required. tutorial is with Blender and x3d.. but other software can be used as well.

note: can't figure out how to get textures to load yet. will post an update if and when i get it to work.

To figure it out on your own take a look at

also check out and for no hassle online model hosting.