Refreshingly different Zombie game

Have played a few zombie games.. this one is brilliant in terms of gameplay.

get it here

If your a fan of fruit ninja and other rapid swiping games, you can adapt those skills to a new gameplay.. here instead of slashing stuff, you have to avoid this severed zombie hand(all in gruesome 3d)! while you avoid the hand your racing against time.. so do pick up the glowy things.. they add time to the clock so you can keep playing.

The gameplay is actually quite easy to pickup and fun to play again and again.
The intro sequence needs some polish, but the game makes up for it in spades.

My honest scores for this game:

Game Graphics:✩✩✩✩✩ that severed hand is just awesome.

Note: i played it on my ageing Acer Iconia A500, it ran pretty smoothly.

Skateboard Model

A low poly skateboard modelled for a game i’m working on. modelled in Blender

skateboard (click to view in 3D)


Got this game yesterday. decent graphics(environments seemed a bit dull at times on my Tegra2 tablet) and interesting story so far.

Get it on the play store(Rs377.18) at this link.

The controls are a bit simplistic, i find them a bit cumbersome at times.. especially since i’m used to fps control schemes like in Shadowgun or the hybrid ones in games like Tintin.

For other acer iconia(or simillar tablet) users who have been having trouble with the game – You need to have atleast 6gb free(after installing) for the system to be able to run it smoothly. so don’t think that since the game is 2gb, you’ll just free up that much space and install it.. that won’t work i’m afraid.

I’ve also recently(month back) done a factory reset.. and am running Apex launcher which is why the tablet is running so smoothly.

Heres an actual video that shows what the graphics look like as well as how smooth the gameplay can be.. if you free up all that extra space.

Bombshells Hell’s Belles

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Bombshells Hell’s Belles

Found this great game – Bombshells Hell's Belles .. runs beautifully on the Acer Iconia A500..
great graphics.. entertaining gameplay.

heres some grainy video of it running on my tab

The only thing that bugged me was that i kept inadvertantly clicking on stuff that has to be purchased.. and then its a pain navigating back to the game.

give it a try, its a free game the Google Play store.