3d Prints of My Steampunk Cross Model



3d Prints of My Steampunk Cross Model

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Picked these up today. Shapeways had raised their shipping costs.. so me and a friend decided to pool in and order our prints together so that we could split the shipping costs. The package arrived a week back, but i was so busy at work and other stuff.. i could only go pick it up today.
The design is from a “Crusader”robot i was designing a while back.. heres a sketch
(click here for full sketchbook)
heres some renders of the model i worked on in blender

and heres the 3d print.. in shapeways’ Stainless Steel and Translucent Detail materials

to see the materials available and pricing etc.. head over here to my shapeways page.
to interact with the 3d model itself click and drag the model below


to see how 3d printing (with metal) is done go here