New Tank and Bowl

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New Tank and Bowl

A friend was giving away her aquariums, she contacted me about it last week. She had a 2x1x1.4foot tank with cichlids and a smaller one with goldfish and angels. Since i already have a Cichlid tank and a planted tank i decided to take the goldfish tank and the cichlids from the other tank.. this is the result:

around 8 little blood parrot cichlids added to my tank.

I know most serious aquarists consider these fish an abomination.. as do i most of the time, which is why i stopped buying them a while back. But i had a 3yr old Blood Parrot whose only other friend died last week… and these fish were already in my friend's tank..looking for a new home

.. so big deal.

The goldfish tank is a change for me, as i haven't kept goldfish in over a decade!
there are a few angels in there, which a friend is going to take in a week or so for his planted tank. Thats for the best, since i have always had bad luck with these delicate fish.

and last but not least there was a Betta(Siamese Fighter fish) in an ornate bowl.. since it doens't take up much space and hardly requires any care.. i got it too(see pic above).

My Green Terror’s Sick :(

Same old song.. an infection of some kind has made a comeback (recurs every 6 months).. at first it was just one of the Neon Jewels that was sick.. but now my big Green Terror has got it as well. And this is the first Green Terror i've had that grew this big 😦

This guy is atleast 2years old! (as is the Neon jewel now that i think about it).
He had just started to get his forehead hump as well.

Anyway have medicated the tank..

today was the second time i cycled the water in 36hrs(as per instructions).. lets see how it goes.

Would be a shame to lose these guys after so long.

learn more about these Cichlids at the links below
Green Terror
Red Jewel (mine is some kind of mix breed.. hence its not even red.. but a vibrant neon)

And yes i am aware that african and american cichlids don't belong in the same tank. I learnt that recently.. no thanks to the aquarist who happily sold me these fish.

UPDATE(tuesday 28 feb 2012)
the green terror died last night.

Jaguar Cichlids

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