Horrible Brain Spiders


Modelled this sometime last week..
a quick sculpting and texture painting exercise done entirely in Blender.

(click to see the model)

later did a second color variation using Gimp to tweak the texture map.

(click to see the model)

Heres a quick and rough walk cycle

The animated model(both colors) is available for download on Blendswap – blendswap.com/blends/view/69189


Suzanne Cross-Section


A cross section of Blender’s Suzanne model.. 🙂 done in a couple of hours.. as a quick modelling exercise. Have been working on an aircraft project(NDA protected) for the past few weeks.. and needed a “creative” break.

i remembered seeing the 2d artwork of Madspeitersen
and also the lego guy and gummy bear models by Jason Freeny

inspired by them i decided to do one..
this is what i did:

you can view the 3d model here(in any webgl friendly browser)

You can download it from Blendswap.com over here.