Moebius Rail Cross

Had this idea and doodled it in church one sunday.. then forgot about it.. just remembered it today, and quickly modelled it before i forget again.
If you look closer theres a few ballbearing size spheres that will be trapped in there and free to roll all over the moebius track

click to view in 3D

If you have your own 3d Printer you can download the model for printing from –
If you don’t have a 3d printer you can buy it at shapeways.. go to the store here, and choose the material you’d like to print.
heres a variation
Flat Twisted Moebius Cross

click to view in 3d

this one was easier to print, heres what it looks like

If you have your own 3d Printer you can download the model for printing from –
If you don’t have a 3d printer you can buy it at shapeways.. go to the store here , and choose the material.

RoboCop Reboot!

In case you havn’t seen it yet, heres the brand new trailer for the new RoboCop movie.

The movie stars everyone’s favorite detective from the Killing – Joel Kinnaman as the titular character. As you see in the trailer, the suit has been redesigned..
I was tempted to sculpt a model of it(maybe i will some day), and someone even suggested i should 🙂
..but since time is a bit scarce right now, i only managed this:

click to see in 3d

Blender’s Suzanne model tries out RoboCop’s old and new gear.. :p done in a couple of hours on Blender .. as a quick modelling exercise.

heres another render

the model is available for download here:

(click to download)

Get Android Kitkat now!

Thats right, you read the title correctly.. you can download Android Kitkat right here .

enjoy! :cheers:

You’ll need blender to open and use it though. get that here.
To take it for a spin right now in your browser, just click below!

For those still confused, its a 3d model of the mascot.. not the actual mobile os 😆
It was modelled in a few minutes on Blender, textured on Inkscape and Gimp.. and completely free to download.

UPDATE: got featured on Gizmodo here! :cheers:

How to 3D Sculpt in your Web Browser

How to do a 3D Sculpt in your Browser(no expensive or complicated software to be downloaded)
.. and then optimise and texture the model using free/opensource software.

Welcome to Sculptfab. The sculpting software that runs in your browser!

Discovered this last night.. Sketchfab has an experimental browser based sculpting tool! More info on how they got around to it can be seen here. In brief, it started as a project called SculptGL by Stéphane Genier. As the project is under MIT license, the Sketchfab team decided to put together a quick hack to improve the user interface.

For something that runs in your browser its pretty robust! and runs fairly smooth.
I played with it a lot!
did a bunch of models right away
heres the first attempt(click the following thumbnails to see the models)

the second one was much cleaner..

3rd one i took to blender and did some texturing

and then documented the creation of this model.. as a tutorial

view it here:

the process is simple:

STEP 1) do your sculpting online at]Sculptfab .. use a webgl compatible browser.. (apparently wacom tablets are supported as well).
am sure a version will come out soon that can handle the texturing online.

STEP 2) upload it directly to Sketchfab from there.

STEP 3) Download the “.obj” file. Import it into meshlab to optimise it.. You may directly take it to blender and see how your computer handles it.. that worked for one of my models .. but generally it probably will be better to optimise it.

STEP 4) After getting it to Blender, texture paint it and then upload the new modle and texture to Sketchfab.


STEP 5) open the texture in Gimp and convert it to a normal map.. add that to the sketchfab model.



Update: fixed a grammatical error in the title, so now your backlinks may need to be updated.

Horrible Brain Spiders

Modelled this sometime last week..
a quick sculpting and texture painting exercise done entirely in Blender.

(click to see the model)

later did a second color variation using Gimp to tweak the texture map.

(click to see the model)

Heres a quick and rough walk cycle

The animated model(both colors) is available for download on Blendswap –

MakerBot Replicator 2 for Sketchfab

Latest commission: Modelled a realistic 3d model of the MakerBot Replicator 2 for Sketchfab..

see the webGL model here:

heres an exploded view of the model

Modelled in Blender.. textures edited with Gimp.
Rendered with Blender Internal

to know more about the Replicator 2 go to