Modelled some Indian coins

Modelled some Indian coins(and one old one from the East India Company). .then did a structure that would be impossible to create in real life.. unless you used super glue or something 🙂

(click to see the model)

heres a lighter model with just the coins(this model will load faster)

(click to see the model)

Sketchfab’s Material Editor just added a material editor to their webgl models.. this video shows you how to enable it on older uploads. newer uploads will have it enabled by default.

These are the settings you can manipulate:
(note: your model obviously needs to be UV Unwrapped for the textures to work)

Diffuse Color – You can use the original diffuse texture if you uploaded one with your model, or use the color picker to re-color it.
heres my old one

and the new

Lightmap – for pre-baked lighting on your models.
Specular Color – This controls the intensity of the texture/color meant to reflect in light.
Shininess – This slot controls the sharpness of the specular map, and higher settings make the material glossier.
Normal Map– works best with an actual normal map.
Opacity – Controls any transparancy in your materials, or model selected.
Emission – This controls any part of your model you would like to have a glow or self-illumination.
Environment Reflection – This setting is used only if you enabled a cubemap as environment..and is multiplied by the specular color.

the model above can be viewed at

Tank Walker on Twitter

Did this model of a tank walker a few weeks back..

done with blender and rendered with Cycles
heres the ochre coloured version

then tweaked it a bit to create this center aligned twitter backdrop 🙂

Venom’s Lab 2 by Pablo Vazquez

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Venom’s Lab 2 by Pablo Vazquez

A few weeks back i got my copy of Venom’s Lab 2 by Pablo Vazquez

Long back when i first started learning Blender, i had wanted to buy the original dvd Venoms Lab, but then i started figuring out most of the stuff i needed to know via youtube. A lot of the helpful ones were by Pablo, including a few really impressive demos like this one

the blender file for this video and several other incredible ones are included in the DVD under "Extras"! :yikes: ( can also get some of it at his website –

Then after seeing the trailer for this new DVD,

i was left drooling.. and then after seeing a demo/walkthrough video(seen here) by Pablo that was released a while back, I just had to get this version.
Note: Though this stuff will eventually make its way to youtube anyway, purchasing these kind of media helps fund the development of Blender!

My Verdict
????? (one star less than perfect, because i wish it was longer)
We get to go through the process of planning, modeling, sculpting, texturing and adding fur to a character(camel like thing)thats in the trailer. The DVD comes with a html browser based interface.. which i found a bit weird, but others bight find useful. However all the videos and assets can be easily found in well organised folders. You get all the files necessary for the workshop.. all scenes, characters, textures etc. its all here.

The videos are pretty detailed and cover everything from basic modelling techniques, sculpting , fur and then rigging(of some other models.. i read somewhere that these videos are by Nathan Vegdahl).

One thing to be aware of is that the DVD does'nt have much on the Blender Cycles system.
This isn't anybodie's fault,.. at the time of making the tutorials, Cycles did not have support for fur/hair.

Price : ?1,934.6 () (on 3rd Sept 2012)
Runtime : 213 Minutes
Format : DVD(data) Training Videos(1080p HD), supporting files(textures etc.) as well as copies of Blender and VLC player.
Cost: Rs.1945.20
get it at the Blender store here.

Venom's Lab! 2 is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
Giving you the freedom to share this DVD with anyone you like (or don't), study, modify, and share again!
for bandwith reasons i am not in a position to upload it/torrent it, so please don't ask me to do that(some did when i got the Sintel dvd). If your looking for a free copy do some google-ing please.
anyway I have been lending it to people around at work though. 😀

WebGL on android devices! now works on android devices(in webgl supporting browsers.. and i think ICS)!
Good job Sketchfab team!

here you can see it running on an acer iconia a500 (android ICS) in the Firefox Browser.. will try the other browsers later.

to try it yourself head over to
to see my dunebuggy model –
to see my gunship model –

these models were both done on Blender.

Checked other android browsers: loads on Opera Mobile, but not interactive. rest don't support webGL(Chrome, Android Browser, Dolphin HD)