Undead Motorcycle Process

Looking through my old work I realized I hadn’t modeled a motorcycle in a while. So I decided to look at some bikes and figure out my next little late night project..
KTMs have been all the rage in Bangalore in the last few years so I decided to have a look at them. I lean towards the traditional motorcycle designs.. so this was new territory for me.

After a bit of browsing and allmost changing my mind, I decided to work with the form of the KTM RC8R ..

Downloaded reference images and started working on the concept in photoshop..

Not yet sure which one I’m going to follow, ribs sticking out of the top or bottom.. but anyway I started blocking out the base mesh in blender

heres the model so far.. (you can dowload it here)


All I need to do is detail out a few more mechanical parts and then I’ll start on the “guts”.

stay tuned for more updates.
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Undead Dragon


Reworked an old sculpt of a dragon.
original basemesh made in blender, sculpted and painted in zbrush

model can be viewed and downloaded here

Basemesh modelled in Blender
Sculpted and painted in Zbrush Core

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Head Doodles


Miscellaneous sculpting doodles

This one was made in Zbrush Core..

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Mr Octo Splat Face


Believe it or not this is not a zbrush render.. its rendered in realtime on sketchfab!.. with SSS, translucency and bunch of features that used to be available only offline.

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Live Streams thus far


I didn’t want to announce this till I was sure I could do this as a long term thing..
now that I know its doable.. here goes –

The Skechfab team invited a small group of Sketchfabbers to stream on their official twitch channel.
And while I had my doubts at first, turns out that I’m able to stream every night of the work week!
So in the last few weeks, I’ve done around 50 streams..

You can view the archive below(twitch doesnt archive streams indefinitely, hence I mirror broadcast to Youtube and let them sit there for eternity)

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Undead AT AT Walker


Decided to go back and paint the old AT AT Model I’d made.. Heres the result.

The old Imperial walker model can be seen here – http://ift.tt/2v9ynZN

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