Daily Doodle with Zbrush – Head Sketch 003 Brain Horns And Lips


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Daily Doodle with Zbrush – Head Sketch 002 Brain Exposed2


Started to seriously teach myself zbrush, now that I have a copy of zbrush core that came bundled with a wacom tablet(more on that story here). 

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My first ever Tiltbrush creation

Created this at a Tiltbrush and Vive event organised by Sandeep Nayak and Dr Ritesh Reddy at ICS Fight Club – Institute of Combat Studies http://ift.tt/2p726Ss

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Wacom Intuos 3d & Zbrush Core

So Sketchfab, that favorite site for hosting 3d models, sent me a Wacom Intuos 3d & Zbrush Core bundle!!

The Tablet:

Now granted its got only 1000 levels of sensitivity, compared to the 2000+ levels that my intuos pro has, its still pretty neat, and actually useful… since I really can’t seem to notice any difference in the sensitivity.. at least not with any of my painting/sculpting techniques.

The bottom line is that I don’t need to lug the intuos pro around with my laptop anymore. Also the wireless kit that came with the Intuos Pro is compatible with this, so I plugged it in here and made it even more handy 🙂 

The Zbrush Core licence:
Obviously I’ve tried Zbrush before, but since I couldn’t afford it, and stopped using pirated software years back, I just never gave it much of my time, and almost immediately took to Sculptris and Blender’s sculpt mode(with dynamic topography).

So now that I have a full blown unlocked version of Zbrush Core (full feature comparison with Zbrush here)
I started hacking away at it.
Heres the first thing I sculpted with the zbrushcore+wacom bundle from Sketchfab..


… now will slow down and watch some tutorials. 

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Voxel Planetoid

Decided to take part in a Sketchfab contest after a long time.. this time thought I’d try something I hadnt done before – Voxel art!

In case you want to take part as well, the contest page is here – http://ift.tt/2nwGf63
this is the 2nd thing i ever created on Magic Voxel, was so much fun 🙂

I wanted to create an odd planetoid with a micro ecosystem and weird geological anomalies.. due to low gravity


thanks to @elbriga for the excellent tutorial on the Magicvoxel-sketchfab workflow – http://ift.tt/2nf58ko

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Photospheres from NGEF

NGEF (New Government Electrical Factory) of Karnataka in India was an ISO 9001 certified company with German collaborators and known for technology.[1] It is taken as an example of an Indian company that declined.[1]
-source wikipedia
Here are some pics from a visit to the New Government Electric Factory’s sale.. (liquidation of assets)
bascially a huge graveyard of office furniture.. desks.. tables.. closets..


Heres one of the many abandoned factory floors on the massive property.


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