Hand of God

The final sculpt for Sculptjanuary was a tricky one and actually a second attempt at the prompt of the day – “Divine”
I do want to see this printed eventually.. but will take some planning for all the loose parts..

Heres a recording of the sculpting session

from Blogger https://ift.tt/38uZC4D

Crystal Snake

This was one of my favorite sculpts for sculptjanuary this year. Here are a few more pics.. am planning a 3d printable version soon.

Sculpt January 2020 Jan 14 – Crystalline
by Chaitanya Krishnan
on Sketchfab

Heres a recording of the sculpting session:

from Blogger https://ift.tt/37oV2n1

Sculptjanuary 2020

I did finish Sculptjanuary last month, but didnt have the time to write about it, so here goes. The topics in the prompt list were quite good, however I was busy with a family emergency and couldn’t give it all i could. Still heres the full set:

To truely appreciate them check them out in 3d (also VR and AR enabled) at https://sketchfab.com/chaitanyak/collections/sculpt-january-2020

Let me know if you would like to see me print any of these, or refine and put them up on shapeways.

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