Got Lollipop last night

Got the much awaited Lollipop update last night.. er.. early morning at 2:10am. I checked the phone for what sounded like a Vine alert.. and saw the system update notification right on top..  

It was a 479.5mb download so i connected it to the charger and let it download..

Then the installation took about an hour.. because i have all these apps and games that had to be “optimised” .. 

Voila! Lollipop in all its glory.. that flappy bird’esque game is frikkin difficult though!

That stunning wallpaper is 

Holding the power button just gives you one elegant option now- a confirmation to shut down.

On rebooting i was welcomed by the new lockscreen.. i usually prefer to stick to custom lockscreens using GoLocker.. but have disabled that for a few days to see how the Lollipop lockscreen does.

Unlocking it brought me to my Nova Launcher home screen.. all widgets and the theme still functional.. 

quickly switched to the Lollipop homescreen and realised its still lacking the icon density customisability that i expect from a homescreen.. after using launchers like nova and Go i can’t go back to the measly 4 icon rows on a full hd screen.. so will not be using this homescreen.

The obvous compromise will be with quick launching voice features and search.. which i didn’t really use on Kitkat anyway. The other thing missing will be all the slick animations and stuff.. 
As a designer i do appreciate the work they put into all the new graphics and animations .. but after a few hours i’d had enough. will play with it a bit later.. but i just cant go back to 

a 4 icon grid. 

The rotation toggle was actually missing! For those who were looking for it i already had a power toggle app installed that did that for me.. but with lollipop one can actually make do with the built in toggles. There is no customisability.. so i forsee installing a power toggle app again

Anyway a quick visit to accessability settings and turning “Auto-rotate screen” off and on again.. enabled the toggle.

now to test my games and stuff.. will post an update on performance soon.

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