Connected Photospheres

So apparently you can make your own “Google Streetview” by linking your own photospheres together..
heres one i created using 2 photospheres.. one of my terrace and one of the top floor of our house.

If it doesnt load above, head over to this link.

For instructions on how to do this check this help page

now to shoot some more of these.. 

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Google’s Cleverness Melted My Brain

So almost a month ago when google unveiled the Google Cardboard at Google IO.. the followup videos blew my mind.. the sheer cleverness of that magnetic button.. even the Oculus doesnt have an interactive input element built into their head gear.. 

I immediately went to one of the first sites to sell the kit.. and placed an order.. due to shipping issues it took a month to arrive.. 

Yes thats a patch of sweat from my forehead.. damn

Then the way the “cardboard” apps work is just astonishing.. the youtube app simulates a 3d movie theatre.. complete with subtle bleed of light along the edges.. you move your head around to see other videos.. or look down at the mic icon and tell it what you want to see…!! and because this is a nexus.. my indian accent doesnt matter.. in a few seconds i’m surfing youtube in 3d with no hands ma!

The standard google cardboard app was fun to use.. but the real utility for me is being able to load and view my own 3d models.. using 

all you have to do is go to one of your models(or any model) and add 


at the end of its url

when you put the nexus in, remember to shift it a little to the side so that the center of the screen(where the two views join) is aligned to the center of the cardboard viewer.

note: by going into fullscreen mode it overrides the launching of the google cardboard app(triggered by the nfc tag).. alternatively when your assembling the kit.. just stick the nfc tag somewhere else.

This particular Google Cardboard kit is by Knoxlabs..
i ordered it right after the Google Cardboard popped up on youtube .. now you can find it all over amazon and ebay for a bit cheaper. You can also buy just the lenses and magnet, and build your own housing.

My Suzanne Robocop model can be 
viewed below or at

    RoboCop Suzanne
    by Chaitanya Krishnan
    on Sketchfab

and it can also be downloaded for free at

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OBD-II with Chevrolet Beat 2010 model

Had read up on these things years back when i was comissioned to model one.

    by dash
    on Sketchfab

However I never actually got one for myself, since my android devices back then had really bad battery life, and were also entry level devices that i suspected would just hang if i ran Torque or other OBD (On-Board Diagnostics)apps. 

Anyway now that i have a good device(nexus5 ) i went ahead and got a cheap OBD(On-Board Diagnostics) device from this Amazon listing .. heres what it looked like on the Amazon page..

This arrived today and it looks less toy like and sort of more like a premium product. hmm..

I havnt yet taken it for a proper “drive”. Ideally would like someone else to drive the car, while i fiddle around on the phone, but my dad just went back to Afghanistan. So I now have to wait a few weeks for him to get back. Or find a friend to drive it for me.. 

I have however installed and tested it with the engine idling and revving.. you know see if it actually works.

Finding the socket/port to plug it in was actually the trickiest part of the exercise. I first looked under the steering column, since thats where a few forums had said it was.. but on proper inspection i found it neatly within reach.. just below that latch that opens the hood.

Chevrolet Beat 2010 Model

Its riiiight there…
You won’t be able to reach it if your sitting in your seat… have to step out of the car and bend.. bend.. and twist a little.

There it is.. see it?

I actually lay down on my back and checked the entire bottom of the dash.. even the passenger side.. but i couldnt find another one. So if there is another one.. its either in use or tucked away in the shadows.

After Plugging it in i checked to see if it was visible. some OBD devices will run off the car’s battery even when you turn the car off. So its something you need to check on.. otherwise it will just drain your battery (bluetooth transmitters use up a lot of juice).

Anyway there was no device in range, so then i turned on the ignition and left the car idling..
now it popped up in the list of bluetooth devices(remember to make your device visible though)..   pairing is easy.. it asks for the code.. and suggests using either 0000 or 1234 .. i don’t remember which one i tried but it worked on the first try and then i was able to name the device(original name was just OBDII .. I added the Chevy Beat so i don’t get confused later. 

I had already installed Torque, and on running it, it asked me to switch on my GPS(which was on.. but was in battery saving mode).. once i turned it on and restarted Torque, it took a few seconds to search for the bluetooth OBD device.. but kept coming up with a “Device not found.. searching again” message.. 

one quick look in settings showed me that it had the option to manually select an already paired device..

That turned out to be a handy feature. 

As soon as Torque found the device.. the dials and displays lit up.. and started reacting everytime a revved the engine.

I havn’t tried it with any other apps yet(apparently Dash is good too).. 
will post an update when i do.. for now am using Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car) the demo version of Torque. 

Get it here at the android Play Store.

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A Boardgame and an Escher Puzzle

Found these two beauties on the Play Store last night.. installed them immediately.

Hitman Go
I’ve never been a hardcore fan of the Hitman franchise.. i’ve honestly only played a few minutes of one of the earlier games on a friend’s computer.. liked it.. but just never got into it.
For Hitman fans, let me tell you right away, its not a shooter. it is however a really engaging puzzler. One anyone can play.. even with the least Hitman experience 🙂

What made me get the game is of course the unique
– artwork: beautiful little dioramas showing frozen moments in time..
– soundtrack: a subtle yet haunting tune thats at times upbeat.. making one feel like your planning a real caper
– game play: the only other time i’ve liked this kind of game-play was a few years back with a gorgeous turn based multi-player flash game that the makers of The Legend of Zorro had put on their site to build anticipation for their movie. footage of that old game can be seen here .

i miss board games.. and just couldn’t pass up the chance of having one on my phone!
get it here


Monument Valley
Had been following the progress on Monument Valley for a while now.. I’ve been an Escher fan since Art School.. and couldn’t pass this one up 🙂

The game is set in a twisted landscape that seems right out of the mind of M.C.Escher .. you have to manipulate it in ways that will defy the laws of physics/optics.. to get your character through each level.

Each level is a visual masterpiece.. and i found myself taking my time with each one 🙂

get it here

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3D Scans of my dogs

Subject: Mulan
age: approx 4
Classification: cockerspaniel + mystery.. could be a labradoodle 
pictured here after a haircut.

click to load the 3d models.. 
and then drag to rotate.. 
scroll to zoom.


    Mulan 3d #3DST9
    by Chaitanya Krishnan
    on Sketchfab

Subject: Rumi
age: approx 5+
Classification: Irish Setter

    Rumi in front of the Aquarium
    by Chaitanya Krishnan
    on Sketchfab

To see how i created these models and how you can too(no 3d skills needed anymore..i just updated that page with an easier method).. check out this link

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Nazis and Piranhas

CAUTION: The following content is insensitive to Nazis.

Heres another lockscreen i created few days back.. took a little longer to get to the Play Store.. probably because the word Nazi, sent up a red flag somewhere.. anyway here it is. 

I created it using the Go Themes Factory site and Inkscape for the artwork.

Feed the Nazi to the piranha to open your lock screen. because “slide to unlock” is for wimps… You need to install Go Locker  in order to use this. You can use the Go locker settings to add your own wallpaper or use the launcher’s wallpaper

To unlock your phone.. touch and drag the floating nazi to one of the swirling schools of Piranha.

Get it  here at the Android Play store.

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