Chinese Hillstream Loach


Beaufortia kweichowensis

locally called a stingray loach, Chinese Sucker, Chinese Butterfly Loach or even Stingray “Pleco” ..
this Chinese Hillstream loach is the newest denizen of my planted tank.. hopefully i’ll never have to touch the glass scrubber ever again 🙂

I’ve seen white/transparent ones.. am guessing they cost more(I never asked)..
these cost INR200 a pair at the shop i  got them from in Bangalore.

Note: in the past i have used ordinary plecos (locally called Sucker Cat) to keep my tanks clean.. but they just keep growing.. and i endup shifting them to my Cichlid tank.. finally decided to look for an alternative.. these Chinese Hillstream Loaches don’t grow bigger than a few inches.

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