NFC Shenanigans


so i discovered that my new phone is upposed to have NFC..
i have two things that have NFC circuitry in them –
1) a Delhi Metro Token i found in my suitcase after returning from a trip a month ago

2) my new Bangalore metro card

on receiving the phone i discovered that it couldn’t read either of them..

so obviously the NFC on my device is not working.
on investigation i found that the NFC antenna is a sticker on the back cover..

and the problem is that the copper contacts for that are on the wrong side!

i tried fixing it myself(DIY) by using aluminium foil, copper wire etc..

but nothing worked..

so informed the seller.. they were apologetic and say they’ll ship a replacement back cover soon . will post an update once that happens.

recently when my dad arrived in town i tried the metor token and card with his phone which is a Samsung galaxy S3.. it read both of them.. Android BEAM wouldn’t work with my phone either.

NOTE: when i made the purchase i didn’t even know that the phone had NFC.. it was a bit of a post-sale-surprise. so if it doesnt work.. i won’t be too disappointed .


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