Finally playing Assassin’s Creed 3

Been a long wait, but finally found a Steam sale where i could get a copy of Assassin’s Creed 3 for half off..

Have already read plenty of bad and good reviews.. but after the last 3 games am well invested in the franchise.. lets see how this goes.

So far ive seen cinematics of an extensive recap of the story so far..
featuring the apple..the device linking them to the Minnerva and the “precursors”,

Desmond the assassin in the near future,

Altair the older assassin from the crusades,
Etzio from the renaissance and others..

now i’m playing as a new character.. a guy named Haytham Kenway .. who’s just arrived in America..
been fun so far..

impressive to see that theyve now got animals.. dogs, cats, goats etc.. all over the city..

Stargate model

A follow up on the portal/gateway series of models i’ve been doing .. heres the Stargate.. didn’t want to spend too much time, so did one of the space based ones.. hardcore fans will note the “mistake” (9 symbol gate address)

click for the 3d model at

will work on a Puddle Jumper and a planet or something later..

have made the model available on blendswap

Portals and Gateways

Did these two quick models yesterday.. and uploaded to

The first is a “Door”, a technology used by the Carrier(orbiting space station) in The Authority.

click for the interactive 3d model

The Authority is this neat comic series by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. Its about a team of super heroes.. thats a bit more dysfunctional than your typical comic book super teams.

The second one is a 3d version of my favorite graphics from the game Portal(and Portal 2)

click for the interactive 3d model

of course i’ve yet to model the most popular of these portals/doorways – the Stargate.. will do that sometime soon!

AR / Google Glass headset concept had another Sketchfast over a weekend. the theme was “your ideal AR headset”

“Augmented reality headsets and glasses are all the rage today, with the Google glasses starting to ship and new players entering the field every week. But what would your ideal AR headset look like? How would you design the ideal AR headset for you? For your life?”

I had recently been thinking about both the cumbersome nature of the existing tech and also stuff like 3d glasses that one has to wear at the theatre or with a 3d TV..
especially if you already wear prescription glasses.

so I decided to make something that is more universal and clips onto most frames(prescription glasses or sunglasses)

to view it in 3d.. click below

click this link

UPDATE MAY 15 2013:
This model won the Second Place(and cash prize of INR 8,224.12)!!
and now i’d like to share the model with the community, so here it is

here are the other winners:
First PlaceAR Monocle Concept by JC Volumic

a definite winner with all the subtle detailing.

Third PlaceARContact 2023 by CostasFrost

Very futuristic.. a contact lens with all the tech embedded in it.
this was also the first submission to the contest if i remember right

Community PrizeSurvival AR Headset by DennisH2010

One of my favorites 🙂 it has everything from solar panels to a built in coffee supply!

can’t wait for the next contest 🙂

old corroded bronze mask

Hadn’t done a sculpt in a while.. so today i did a quick sculpt
of an old corroded bronze mask..
see it in 3d on Sketchfab here.

model was sculpted in Sculptris, textured in Blender.

the Blender file is available here –
the file has two models, one is set up for games and Blender’s internal renderer, the other is set up for the Cycles renderer. models and materials are named appropriately. diffuse texture and normal maps included.