Green Crawler

A few years back i had done a series of sketches of green snail like creatures in various exosuits..
finally got around to modelling the first one in Blender..

green crawler by ~chaitanyak on deviantART

Green Crawler 3d by ~chaitanyak on deviantART

heres the model in interactive 3d:

to see the rest of the sketches(some of which i will be modelling soon) click here.

Suzanne Cross-Section

A cross section of Blender’s Suzanne model.. 🙂 done in a couple of hours.. as a quick modelling exercise. Have been working on an aircraft project(NDA protected) for the past few weeks.. and needed a “creative” break.

i remembered seeing the 2d artwork of Madspeitersen
and also the lego guy and gummy bear models by Jason Freeny

inspired by them i decided to do one..
this is what i did:

you can view the 3d model here(in any webgl friendly browser)

You can download it from over here.

iWatch concepts had their second modelling challenge over the weekend..
The theme for this “Sketchfast” was the soon to be announced and heavily rumored iWatch by Apple.

i submitted a few ideas this is the one i hope will win-

iWatch Transformer
see the model here
folds open to show you a full screen ipod touch 🙂

the other ones i did are:

The Ordinary(probably what the actual iWatch from Apple will endup being)

click here for the 3d model

The square hologram projection

click here for the 3d model

The more SciFi 3D hologram

click here for the 3d model

all these were modelled in Blender and the textures were sourced from the net(promo images of other Apple products)

The results should be announced in a few hours.

the rest of the contest entries can be seen here
my current favorite is this one

by Revel(click here for the model). He turned the strap into a usb/charging cable. very innovative.

this highly detailed one by Mestaty takes the cake-

its meant to have sensors that can track your finger gestures.. so you don’t have to touch the screen!
Click here for a better look at the model.

The winners were just announced!
here are all the results!
i came 5th 😛

This is the winning entry. Quite a classy design.. i like the detailing.. especially with the strap.

Actual Multitasking on an Android tablet

Android has always allowed multi tasking, its just that there had been a lack of apps that can be used in “windowed” mode.. hence making standard PC like multitasking difficult..

here i tried out two free apps that can be run in independant floating windows –

Super Video:…

Floating browser:…

as you can see Floating Browser even supports WebGL quite well!
both are free, the pro versions have extra features

there are a few other apps that allow windowed mode:
AirCalc (on-screen calculator) –…

Floating Stickies(postits on your screen) –

Floating Banner – a full functional popup floating application for users to run the widgets in a floating panel at anytime and anywhere.

You can customize your favorite application shortcuts and widgets in a floating box thing. –

the video used for the demo is Winter Free Running – Ice Parkour – Ronnie Shalvis
and can be viewed here –

Grab the SONG on iTunes: (“Get Over It” by Mayday RED)