Webcam Mesh

Found this crazy experimental demo thing done with html, css and webGL ..on the personal site of Felix Turner(a freelance web developer and creative technologist).

It uses your webcam to take an image and then simulates a 3d mesh effect!

try it out at –

According to @felixturner it creates a 3d depth map by mapping pixel brightness to Z-Depth. read more about it here

See the rest of Felix’s work here.

Model of the Synergy Aircraft

my quick Blender model of Synergy Aircraft’s – Synergy

The Synergy is a proposed five-seat, single-engine, kit aircraft, designed by John McGinnis of Kalispell, Montana and intended for production by his company, Synergy Aircraft.
The aircraft’s closed wing design, termed a “double box tail”, is intended to lower induced drag and be stall resistant. – full wikipedia page

(click to view in 3D)

you can download the blender file here

I modelled this as a quick modelling/rendering exercise for a client who is designing a very different kind of aircraft. can’t talk about that coz of the NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement)

Skateboard Model

A low poly skateboard modelled for a game i’m working on. modelled in Blender

skateboard (click to view in 3D)

Sketchfab 3d Previews now supported in Blendswap everyone’s favorite blend(blender model)sharing site now supports Sketchfab’s webGL models!

heres a quick video on how to set it up for your models…

step1: copy the page url of your sketchfab model(not the embed code)
step2: in your blendswap model page, click “Edit Data” and then paste the sketchfab page’s url in the box for “3D Preview”
step3: remember to mention what you’ve added in the “What did you change?” box, otherwise it won’t save the changes.
step4: now click the big “Save Changes” button!

note: is also supported in case you have your models on their site.

as an example heres my Blendswap page-