Weird issue with Dell XPS


Been having this issue for a few weeks now. All my games were crashing.. in some cases the entire computer would freeze and would have to be force-restarted!

At first i figured it was to do with the Windows8 upgrade.. so i did a clean install. This fixed the previous issues i had with windows8(live tiles and store were not working) but not my gaming issue.

Finally contacted two dell people on twitter(@Dell_IN and @SatyaAtDell) and they talked me through installing the latest drivers and running diagnostics. The latter gave no real errors(except for a possible hdd error).

And so i turned to google.

On googling i found that this was a common issue(read more here) with the model of nvidia and motherboard that i had! Basically all the games run fine when your on battery.. but moments after you plug in the AC power source, they crash. The only solution that seems to work is a motherboard replacement. since i’m still under warranty, i’m going to have to do that.. lets see how it goes.

For your benefit heres the Nvidia chip to avoid if your buying the Dell XPS L502X- NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M

there are other methods people have tried, like down-clocking the nvidia card using msi afterburner. More info on that here.

I also tried gaming with the intel graphics(the laptop has two graphics chips) set as default.. verdict: intel graphics is useless.

I finally got a phone call from Dell, but they wanted me to run all the same diagnostics(takes hours to do) again. 😡

I told them i’d fix it myself. :ko: stupid , i know.
but anyway.. eventually.. Figured out a way around this crash.

Now, whenever i want to play a game, i first downclock the cpu from

to this

and that gives me uninterrupted gaming time! :coffee:

just played and finished Crysis2(renowned for bugs and crashes) successfully without crashes.
here are the instructions i followed(skip ahead to 0:44):


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