Gorgeous Webcomic – Spindrift

Found this today via io9.com

Just started reading it.. great artwork and fascinating story. Don’t want to spoil it for you so just check it out at

The beautiful art is by Elsa Kroese, and the fantastic writing is by Charlotte English.

SBP 2012 limited Edition Series Book Arrived!

The compilation book that featured a page from my sketchbook arrived today.

heres the page that they featured in it(SBP Limited Edition Vol IV – page 61)

Click here to see my post about the sketchbook i did for this series.
heres a video of the whole sketchbook

you can also see it on the project site at http://www.arthousecoop.com/submissions/73347

Tank Walker on Twitter

Did this model of a tank walker a few weeks back..

done with blender and rendered with Cycles
heres the ochre coloured version

then tweaked it a bit to create this center aligned twitter backdrop 🙂


made by cool people i know(Rawshark Films) – SEASON’s GWEETINGS

Season’s Gweetings! from Rawshark Films on Vimeo.

Sketchfab to give unlimited uploads soon!

In the recent year i’ve tried out 2 web gl portfolio providers including Sketchfab.com
they all give you a limited number of uploads/space and embed codes for the models that work in most blogs and a few of the cg forums out there..

to see what Web GL models look like in all their glory head over to Sketchfab.com

they seem to be the best service provider right now, with offerings of free unlimited uploads for all (as soon as they reach 20,000 users) and several other features for pro users.

check out my portfolio there – https://sketchfab.com/chaitanyak

was hoping for a long time that Opera Community would add support in the blog.. but anyway wordpress and other forums support it, so check it out yourself.

the embed codes that sketchfab provides are:
iframe code
bb code
simple html


Was watching an episode of Person of Interest… in practically each episode they force pair the target’s phone so they can keep tabs on them.. well i decided to see if there was actually any “consumer grade” products that would do something like that.. something fairly easy to get, affordable etc.

Found this android app that lets you read the incoming and outgoing sms on a target’s phone. Its meant for keeping tabs on one’s spouse or children.. but i’m sure there are plenty of people using it for other things 🙂

– detectives
– law enforcement people

– local vigilantes
– stalkers
let your imagination run wild!

its like something right out of Person of Interest or one of those types of shows. :cheers:
ok its not as elegant .. or have wireless hacking abilities.. but seems to get the job done!

heres a quick primer on how it works:

The app installs as a widget! so the victim will never see it in the app drawer.. it even gets past ‘Advanced task killer’
If the owner of the phone happens to see it in their widgets list and decides to place it on their homescreen.. it looks like this an innocuous box with the ambiguous words “Android Service”

All you have to do is install it when the phone is left unattended.. punch in your email id and a password.. and delete it from the homescreen. It will run in the background and uses verylittle system resources.

from now on it will send out emails of all the sms messages to a server where you can access it using the email id and password you punched in earlier.

Its not free.. but then with an app like this you wouldn’t expect it to be.
Cost – INR 1,642.09 ($29.99)
Check it out here

or use this barcode