Simple Machine 3d model

Shapeways had a special free shipping offer for today. So i quickly modeled this(in Blender) and ordered it..

all my previous 3d prints were free form sculptures.. this will be my first mechanical one.. with moving parts.

lets see how it turns out..
Its designed to be printed already assembled.. no snap fitting, glueing etc.. (so as you would imagine, it will all be in one solid color.. not like in these renders)

you can get it now on the shapeways site at

Heard back from Shapeways today.. there was an error in the model because of which they cancelled the order.
Turns out there was some weird stuff happening in this area

So following the advice of Mitchell at shapeways i checked it using the free tool Netfab..
i used the instructions here . and found the error as well as a manifold edge and fixed them both using the automatic repair option. Have now re-uploaded the file..

Problem is now if i want the print, i'll have to place a fresh order.. and since the free shipping offer is no longer available.. the cost of the whole job is now double! 😥

so have written to them about this.. waiting to hear what they say.
till then the 3d print is on hold. :awww:

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