Finished Dishonored Twice


Had been waiting for this game for almost a year..

finally got it earlier this month on Steam. It performs great on my year old Dell XPS 15" laptop.
The game puts you in the shoes of a guy named Corvo. He's the prime bodyguard to the Queen and her daughter(theres a more complex relationship that is revealed in the game). At the beginning of the game, Corvo is in a meeting with the queen and the only other person present is her daughter.

After some dialogue a bunch of masked steampunk-ninja assassins teleport in and kill the queen(you manage to kill a few of them.. but its not enough) they then grab the princess and teleport out of there.. leaving you with the body of the queen.

Hence when the guards show up it looks like you killed her. Your arrested, but escape with the help of an underground "resistance" movement.

Basically the Lord Regent(bald guy in the pic above) has taken over as the big boss and nobody likes him.. so you join the resistance's efforts in overthrowing him.
Along the way you pick up a few super powers and weapon upgrades.

Blink is a form of teleportation that works based on line of sight and is the one i used the most. the only other one i found unique to this game was Possession.. where you can jump into the bodies of animals or people.. this proved to be quite handy for infiltration.

I played through the entire story in around 8hrs the first time.. the the main goal being to finish the story.. ie, stealth be damned .. kill anyone that gets in the way. This got me the dark ending where the princess is a bit evil.

The second time i started playing with minimal casualties(around 1 per level) and finding alternate non lethal ways to deal with the targets your sent to assassinate… this got me a drastically different, more positive world to play in(less zombies) and eventually changed the ending..

you also get to experience more of the world via the side missions.

Am going to play it one more time.. trying to achieve something close to "ghost mode".. ie. not raise any alarms and zero casualties.

VERDICT: A must play for anyone whose a fan of the old Thief trilogy.
Pros: Powers, game art, story, side missions.. multiple ways to finish each mission/goal.
Cons: Reeeeally short story. could be much much longer. AI of the NPCs is nothing great.


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