Windows 8 app store won’t work

So i upgraded to Windows 8.
decided to get it over with before they go back to regular pricing. currently it costs around INR 2000 if you do it online via digital download. Theyve made it quite easy to do.. you can even pay via paypal!

The installation was fairly simple except for a minor glytch in the beginning(read about it here)which i solved after a few minutes of googling.

Basically what I liked was the fact that one can install Win8 without having to wipe the drive and have to re-install all ones apps(and games.. including steam games) coz that would have been a deal breaker.

However all was not peachy.
After the 2gb download it installed and then i configured my user account etc..
but there were some errors when i tried to access basic system utilities ..and the keyboard keys for “@” and ” had switched.. so i restarted.. and its all fine now.

Started using the system. I used Blender first.. did a bit of modelling and it was fine.
worked great.. no issues

Then started up Dishonored(one of my Steam games) and there was a noticable lag.. so quit it and check the drivers.. turns out Nvidia had Windows 8 drivers available. So i installed that and started the game again.. runs smooth as butter.

i’d already tried out win 8 on a virtual machine, so was aware of the “start screen”

So now it took me 15 min to get used to working with it.. and i don’t really miss the Start button or menu. So that wasn’t as bad as the hoopla over it would lead you to believe.

so the checklist so far
1) All my apps are still there
2) They all work. including Steam and its games
3) Games work.. pretty much the same.. no real noticable advantage over win7 in terms of performance.. yet.
4) heavy tasks like 3d modelling and rendering work fine. Infact they worked fine out of the box, even before I updated the drivers.
5) Videos play, sound checks out

and then the discovery- Windows 8 App Store won’t launch.
extensive googling and trying out various “fixes”(updates, troubleshooters, user account manipulations..etc.) proved pointless thus far. The only solution that seems to work for most people(this is apparently a common issue) is to do a “system refresh“. This is a new feature introduced in win8. It wipes all your apps and sort of resets windows while keeping your settings.

No way i’m doing that. Whose going to sit and reinstall hundreds of gigabytes of games all over again? Not me.
Not for the measly metro UI and its app store.

Not until i see it do something awesome.. which I havn’t yet.

VERDICT: if you want to save some money get it now while its cheap(FYI: cheaper if you order the dvd). Otherwise don’t bother.

✩✩✩✩✩ For the few usability tweaks and other changes in win8 i give it. really don’t understand what people complain about.. when i buy the new version of a software i expect there to be changes. Infact i don’t think they did an radical enough changes.. 90% of it still feels like windows 7.

✩✩✩✩★ Ease of purchase and installation
(minor problem with uninstalling intel’s blutooth driver.. so not microsoft’s fault).

✩★★★★ For solutions to problems that occured.

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