Fun Movie


Just finished watching this off beat comedy – Pete Smalls is Dead (IMDB listing).
Starring Peter Dinklage and a bunch of other fun people including Lena Headey, Steve Buscemi and Mark Boone Junior to name a few.

KC Munk(Peter Dinklage) is a former Hollywood screenwriter, down on his luck and running a dry cleaning shop in a small town somewhere.. living alone with his beloved dog Buddha. One rainy day a lone shark shows up looking for his $10,000.. Munk has no cash on him so they take the only thing they know he cares about — his best friend, Buddha.

His buddy Jack Games (Mark Boone, Jr.)in LA calls and tells him that their friend the famous film director Pete Smalls (Tim Roth) has died.. and begs him to come for the funeral. Finally when jack agrees to lend him the money for his dog, Munk takes a flight to LA.. and is picked up at the airport by jack on a moped..

thats when the bizarre adventure begins.


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