Chichi Reef Warrior


A game i worked on a few months back has finally gone live on the Apple App store!

The game is about a fish called Chichi(a remake of the first game we did at Flip Design), who has the ability to clean up pollutants,thus cleaning up reefs, river beds, and other aquatic environments.

Guide Chichi over the reef bed, clean and collect jeweled hearts to complete the levels. The goal is to have simple addictive game, while having an overarching theme of conservation.
Its available for ipad and iphone. Get it HERE(or in itunes search for "Chichi Reef Warrior")

Heres some captured footage from the ipad version

I did all the textures in Photoshop. The Modelling in Blender and some of the sculpting and texturing in Sculptris.

Deepthi Menon(UberYogi) the awesome developer put it all together on Unity3D. Took a lot of work, especially since this was my first real project with Unity.. it was a comfortable learning curve though and we learnt a lot about the Blender+Unity production pipeline.


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