Blender 2.64


The last few days have been big for the Blender community. Tears of Steel(code named the Mango project) the 4th Blender short film was released.. you can view it here

HD download links are available here(direct download and official torrent sources).

Also released was the DVD set that in usual Blender Foundation tradition has all the production files, documentation and other goodies. Get it here.

And then finally Blender 2.64 was released just days ago and dubbed "the Open Source VFX pipeline"

Not only does it have major improvements to the compositor, motion tracker and sequencer(resulting from its use in production of Tears of Steel) but they also added some new stuff to the game engine and sculpting tool.. among others(OpenColorIO, Skin Modifier to name a few). For a full list of improvements and additions read this extensive release log.

You can also just download the latest Blender here and give it a whirl yourself.


2 thoughts on “Blender 2.64

  1. Originally posted by thangduybo:

    Have u ever tried Blender before ?

    was dabbling with it for 9years actually.. but only started seriously using it at work in the last 3-4years(reached a stage where i didn't want to use a pirated version of proprietary 3d software anymore).you can also checkout my older posts on Blender ..and another free software i use and blog about called Sculptris

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