Apocalypse-punk bike

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Apocalypse-punk bike

Deus Ex Machina from Seth C Brown on Vimeo.

A documentary by Seth C. Brown about his mentor .. bike builder.. Jack Churchill(an ex film maker himself) and one of his prized creations, a motorcycle that looks like it was built by Mad Max using parts from hell’s junkyard. This Steampunk or Apocalypse-punk(as jack describes it) bike inspired Seth Brown's short documentary film Deus Ex Machina(seen above). more on the bike builder and his student at this link.

sketchbook project 2012 limited Edition Series

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sketchbook project 2012 limited Edition Series

Just finished my submission for the Sketchbook Project 2012 Limited Edition Series

will be mailing it off soon(long overdue).. was not able to finish this sketchbook in time for the world tour of the Sketchbook Project this time. Various reasons are explained in one of the spreads of the book.

Didn't have time to do any origami either.. but did manage one 3d optical illusion(albiet a bit skewed).

Managed to do two rough comic strips narrating the stories behind Mulan and Rumi my dogs.

I might detail these out later.

see the sketchbook hereor below

This will be the third sketchbook that i've sent to the Sketchbook Project.
the other two can be seen here and here.

Interactive Storybooks with Blender and Kinect

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Interactive Storybooks with Blender and Kinect

Recording of the live presentation at Blender conference 2012(just days a go)

Basically these guys(Julius Tuomisto and the team at NI MATE)developed an addon(get it here) for Blender that allows you to use input from the Kinect sensor! Not only can you use the input to collect mocap data, but ther really freaky thing is you can also use it as a controller to interact with the Blender Game Engine! Heres one excellent example they have used it in – Interactive Storybooks

heres one of their tutorials for doing mocap

The Blender Game engine is quite fun to use.. i havn't posted much about it.. but have been using it.
heres one of my early attempts with the Blender Game Engine.. a simple drivable craft