Interesting HTML5 game

Heres an interesting little html5 puzzle game,
that worked both on my pc browser as well as on my android tab(acer iconia a500, dolphin browser). Its from an indie opensource Developer called Gethu Games

The game works with either a mouse or on touch screens..
theres plenty of thought that has gone in(compared to other html5 gmaes i've seen), for example the starfield shifting when you move your space craft.. is quite nice.. although i suspect it makes the game a bit sluggish on android systems.

The rest of the artwork is decent, though i wish there was more consistency in the ui on the home menu. The asteroids look great, and navigating past them is fun. The sounds are these cool retro atari type classics, quite refreshing.

The gameplay is simple, you just need to navigate the ship(click/touch and drag) from each glowing asteroid to the next without touching your trail. You have to be fast because you will be running out of gas.

my rating: ?????
So go ahead and give it a try!
You can play it

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