Idea Fail


Caution: Routine Rant

Woke up today to find the Idea(aditya birla group's premier cellular network) ebill in my mailbox. So as i've done numerous times, i went to the site to pay it.

Today was a special day apparently, because my password didn't work. Now i've reached the stage where i can't be bothered to memorize the gazillion passwords one needs to remember, so i just write them down. Hence, highly unlikely that i'm entering it wrong. Anyway i assumed they must have made it expired or something like that and the system didn't tell me about it.. whatever some random glitch. So i click the little "forgot passwod" link and proceed to the password rest page.

On this page all you need to do is enter your phone number and then the captcha code.. for the system to send you that temporary password.. or email or whatnot..

unfortunately all i got was this error

and so i proceeded to try again.. some 10times.. gave up and called customer care at 12345.

incredibly took a while to explain this issue to the person on the phone. for some reason she wasn't getting it.. basically she didnt realise that it was the captcha that was the issue.. she was under the impression that i've been entering my own password wrong. :irked:

So then i patiently explained to her the process i'd been through and then that the "jumbled text code" that i have to enter is the one i'm talking about.. so can she please please reset the password for me.

she put me on hold for a bit.. while i had to endure Abhishek Bachchan's irritating voice message :yuck: for a while. whatever happened to good old elevator type music.

anyway she came back and infrmed me that she's filed a complaint and it will be dealt with in 12 hrs, and gave me my complaint number 7563984.

12 hrs to reset customer's a password? hmm. :whistle:

will keep you posted.

Problem got resolved after less than 2hrs. A customer care rep called me and was genuinely helpful. Basically that part of the website works only in Internet Explorer :ko: . Anyway password now reset, bills payed, life goes on.

Good job Idea tech support, now please ask your higher-ups to update your website.. so it works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. this is the year 2012 you know.


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