Books Reviewed


So managed to read a few of the books i picked up at comicon. heres a quick impression

THE TEMPLARChariot Comics

my rating: ✩✩★★★
loved the concept of the templar crusade in a more technologically advanced setting.. story didn't do it for me though.. and there wasn't much of it in this issue.. maybe it will get interesting in the next ones. great art though.


my rating: ✩✩✩✩★
Love the stories, and the calligraphy.. wish there were more stories though.

AGHORIHoly Cow Entertainment(ok i got this because i liked the cover art 😛 )

my rating: ✩✩✩✩✩
I bought it for the art, but love it for the story.. and there are two?! Original characters, and interestingly fresh concepts. Possibly the best, most original book at comicon, can't wait for the follow up.

The itch you can't scratch
by Sumit Kumar

This was given to each Cosplayer at Comicon Bangalore
my rating: ✩✩✩★★ 
was good fun for the first half.. but then i got fed up of struggling to read.. readability/layout is quite bad for a graphic novel. also for me the story just lost its steam halfway. bookmarked and kept aside for another day.


my rating: ✩✩★★★ 
Some of the stories were quite good, and made me smile. The book as a whole had an evangelical tone.. which i didn't mind, except that it got a bit preachy at times. plus i totally ignored the right hand side of each spread, because it was just loaded with text. Good effort though.

I can see a distinct evolution of the writer and artist's style from this book, to the more refined WISE FOOL OF BAGHDAD.

have one more to read.. will update this post when done.

update: Ram V the writer of Aghori visited this post!

see it on twitter here


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