James Cameron’s Avatar on Moto Defy+


Was surprised to find that this game is available for my phone!
wish i had it on my acer tab.. but the site says its not compatible 😦 probably only installs to 3g enabled devices only or something..
Anyway it works beautifully on the motorola Defy+ as you can see in the video.

The game is available on a range of android phones(approx 100mb in size) and tablets as well as most ios devices.

You can get it at the Gameloft site here

Heres my verdict so far..
The game controls are quite easy(may be different for other devices)..

to move the character around you use the nub(onscreen joystic). there are no camera controls whatsoever.. the camera is on rails.. like most gamers i hated this, however they make up for it with the range of movement you have.. a lot like in the God of War PSP games. You can jump, climb, do combinations and basically monkey your way around the terrain.. in a predetermined linear sort of way.
theres a button for attack which depending on your proximity to an enemy will
either shoot(if the target is within range)

or melee attack(if your right next to the target)

The action has pretty much been Tomb Raider style running, jumping etc.. bit of shooting here and there.
There was one level that was quite a lot of fun, it involved skating/surfing on this long sinuous tree branch/creeper thing.. and all you have to do is either jump or slide under the obstacles.. reminded me of that Disney Tarzan movie.

It broke the monotony of the platforming/action gameplay quite well. I will be coming back to this game soon 🙂

The story is interesting.. your playing as the first guy to control one of these avatar clone bodies. There is a narrative that is nice.. but the rest of the audio is just horrendous(for an Avatar game)..sounds a bit like a mario game.

I give it
Gameplay ✩✩✩✩★
Graphics ✩✩✩★★ (to be fair the graphics are good for such an old game)
Sound ✩★★★★
Fun Quotient ✩✩✩✩✩


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