The Wormworld Saga

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Been reading this digital graphic novel called The Wormworld Saga.. by Daniel Lieske.

I first saw Daniel's work when i took part in a CG-Challenge called The journey Begins(2006) where his entry of a boy about to step through a magical painting was the first runner up(heres my own entry for that competition). After that he decided to further explore the character and backstory he had created for his painting. and this graphic novel is the stunning result!
I'm reading it on my tablet, since theres a stunning app choc full of neat features.. you can try it here(android)
and here(ipad)
the app has a great interface, and a lot of extra goodies(some paid, some free)

If you prefer, you can also view it at his website
The website also has a link to his video channel where he's got a lot of detailed behind the scenes the one below(his painting technique) detailing his entire process!


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