The Wormworld Saga

Been reading this digital graphic novel called The Wormworld Saga.. by Daniel Lieske.

I first saw Daniel's work when i took part in a CG-Challenge called The journey Begins(2006) where his entry of a boy about to step through a magical painting was the first runner up(heres my own entry for that competition). After that he decided to further explore the character and backstory he had created for his painting. and this graphic novel is the stunning result!
I'm reading it on my tablet, since theres a stunning app choc full of neat features.. you can try it here(android)
and here(ipad)
the app has a great interface, and a lot of extra goodies(some paid, some free)

If you prefer, you can also view it at his website
The website also has a link to his video channel where he's got a lot of detailed behind the scenes the one below(his painting technique) detailing his entire process!

Twitter is down!

Twitter has been down for a few hours now.. and no FailWhale page either!
all i see is this:

and then i remembered that Gtalk was acting up as well!
what does it all mean?

.. well to me it just means, time to play some Max Payne.. or watch Stargate SG1
after i post this on Diaspora..

the social site that believe in "Social freedom.
Diaspora* is a fun and creative community that puts you in control."

The Dark Knight Returns on Acer Iconia A500

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The Dark Knight Returns on Acer Iconia A500

Heres footage of The Dark Knight Returns android game running on my tablet. If your expecting gameplay like Arkham Asylum/City then you will be dissapointed… yet it is the best batman game on mobile devices right now.

Heres my Pros and Cons list, to help you decide if its worth buying.

Cons: with the camera and controls.. navigating batman through simple doorways.. is painful.. driving the batpod was more difficult than it had to be. batarang is not as affective as it is in the Arkham games.. here you hardly ever use it.. its a pointless device. there are no stealth takedowns. the batman model is quite detailed, however other characters are hilariously low-poly.. including selina kyle.. her catwoman alterego is slightly better though.

Pros: gliding is fun.rooftop vents that help boost you into the air are a welcome addition. combat is quite easy.. as you can see in the video i was just using one finger 😛 .. the grapler is as good as the one in the Arkham games.. artwork in the cutscenes is nice..

I played the game on an acer iconia A500(ICS). freeing up space helped make the game run smoothly. IMO having atleast 3gigs free.. tends to let games like this run smoothly.

Its available on the play store at
heres the official trailer

The Dark Night Rises Game and visuals in the video above are the property of Warner Brothers and DC comics