Occupy Bangalore protest for internet freedom


When was the last time you checked whether you had 'rights' to
a joke before forwarding it?
Did you share a Twitter message containing the term
"#IdiotKapilSibal", as thousands of people did a few days ago?

Did you share a “funny picture of some politicians” on your
Facebook profile?

The new IT Act rules can censor that content and gives you no
rights to object for the same.
The Intermediary Guidelines are very badly thought-out and
their drafting is even worse. Worst of all, they are
unconstitutional, as they put limits on freedom of speech.

(Basically the new ammendments make it possible for the police or ISPs(eg: Reliance)
to arbitrarily block any website they want within 36hrs.. and owner of the site can't even
object and may not even be given a chance to remove the offending content.)

There is an Occupy Bangalore #protest for internet freedom, organised for tomorrow

Show up at 4pm Saturday at Freedom Park with..

the mask(in case you need anonymity) and/or flyers from here.

For detailed info on what we need to protest against read/skim the Flyers

For updates join the bangalore protest's facebook group(last i checked 813 ppl confirmed.. wonder how many will show up)

Police refused permission for mg road(saturday traffic congestion cited),
granted permission for Freedom Park(where it will probably be ignored 😛 )
see it here

anyway, might be fun .. 😛
(for these sort of things i usually just stand around for 15min and leave/go window shopping)..

so, forward this to anyone you know who might show up
send this to friends in cities listed here.
Its going to be nationwide…delhi, mumbai, chennai etc..

thanks for reading that ridiculously long post(i usually never do such text heavy posts).


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