The Thunk Ad!

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Introducing the Thunkpack, a solar-powered backpack from Thunk in India.

Upcycled from Waste; 85% reused material. Now available for pre-order.


for more info visit –


Actor : Vivek Chokalingam
Direction : Aarthi Parthasarathy
Animation : Chaitanya Krishnan (I did the eyes, info animations and designed the mask for this :p )
Music : Mari Sakti and Suren Vikhash U


Copyright – Thunk in India, 2012


pics and pre ordering at
Also check out the sling bag..
there are more colors coming(already done print tests on them..)
the charging device is connected to the solar panel via usb,.. so you can also use your desktop/laptop..; anything with a usb socket; to top it up(on overcast days..or whatever other reason) .. it can charge an iphone* 3times or an ipad/tablet once ?

*compatible with all popular models of phones and tablets


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