Thunk Illustrations


A friend(Suren Vikhash) has been running a venture that makes upcycled products..
its called THUNK

He is now launching a new line bags that are simillar to his older upcycled line, in that they are 80% upcycled(tyre tube and other materials).

What makes this new range unique is that they have a Solar panel and charger built into them! Great for charging your phone or tablet while on the go!

Head over to their Facebook page or the Thunk website for pics and more info!

Most of the illustrations on the website and all the artwork on the bags was done by me. I used my android tablet to do 80%of the work(used illustrator to add the finishing touches)from start to finish.

Very little paper(few pages of a notebook for notes and an initial scribble) was used during this illustration project.. making it one of the most eco-friendly(sort of..remember carbon footprint) design pipeline i've followed in a commercial assignment yet!

Bulk of it was done using Adobe Ideas** for Android (I reviewed Adobe Ideas here and here)
and the this mask

and a few other elements were done using using an app called Infinite Design(my review of the app).

**UPDATE (Aug2013)Adobe has withdrawn the Ideas app from the Android Play Store. They will only be developing the IOS versions for now. You can still however google and download the apk file(from alternate sources) and manually install it. For an alternative that is actually a lot better, check out my comparison of Ideas with Infinite Design here.


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