My new phone is a waterproof phone



My new phone is a waterproof phone

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My trusty old Samsung galaxy3 (i5801) was becoming increasingly buggy.. and then in the last month the battery became ridiculously unreliable.. While i was weighing the pros and cons of spending cash on a new battery or getting it serviced, i realised that it was 2years old! Time for an upgrade.

I purchased it 2years back for approximately Rs14,000.. and so decided to see what i could get now two years later.. for roughly the same budget.
I did of course plan for this to be an actual upgrade in terms of hardware spec as well.. so since my old phone's specs were
cpu: 667mhz
Graphics: none
Internal memory: 4 GB
OS: Android 2.1 (eclair) which i upgraded to froyo myself
ram: 256 MB

whatever i bought now, had to be much better..
After a bit of research(googling and what not) i came upon 3 likely candidates:

1)Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
2)Sony Xperia U
3)Motorola Defy Plus

i finally went for the Motorola because of the rugged qualities(my old phone accumulated a whole lot of nicks and scratches.. and a few "wet" scares as well. Also i wasn't really looking for something really fast.. because i do all my gaming on my Tablet anyway. I just needed something that will be a good phone and gmaps device. This fit the bill perfectly.

I also wanted something that was hackable.. and this seems to have a lot of support… ok theres no straightforward cyanogen rom yet.. but MIUI is there to try when i get tired of the stock rom.
After getting home i proceeded to test the water proofing .. using one of my aquariums..
The device is IP67 certified. Which means that it should be able to resist water for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 metre.

Test 1: ability to play video while fully submerged

(see it here if it won't play above)

Test 2: ability to shoot video while fully submerged

(see it here if it won't play above)

I havn't tested the Gorilla glass yet.. finding it hard to work up the nerve to do that… but so far,
its one heck of a phone

Quick customisation

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Did some quick stuff on one of my external HDDs and portable wireless hotspot.. with some markers, paper and scotch tape

Mech Suit W.I.P. – rough mockup

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Started a pesonal project this weekend.. heres a rough mockup of the mech-suits involved

more W.I.P screens to follow

UPDATE: see this project continued here