New Tank and Bowl

A friend was giving away her aquariums, she contacted me about it last week. She had a 2x1x1.4foot tank with cichlids and a smaller one with goldfish and angels. Since i already have a Cichlid tank and a planted tank i decided to take the goldfish tank and the cichlids from the other tank.. this is the result:

around 8 little blood parrot cichlids added to my tank.

I know most serious aquarists consider these fish an abomination.. as do i most of the time, which is why i stopped buying them a while back. But i had a 3yr old Blood Parrot whose only other friend died last week… and these fish were already in my friend's tank..looking for a new home

.. so big deal.

The goldfish tank is a change for me, as i haven't kept goldfish in over a decade!
there are a few angels in there, which a friend is going to take in a week or so for his planted tank. Thats for the best, since i have always had bad luck with these delicate fish.

and last but not least there was a Betta(Siamese Fighter fish) in an ornate bowl.. since it doens't take up much space and hardly requires any care.. i got it too(see pic above).

3 thoughts on “New Tank and Bowl”

  1. Nice writes:Common gold fish grow a foot and can live over 20 years and parrot cichlids are abamanations they are hybrids with narrow throat so hard time sleeping.

  2. Originally posted by Nice:

    parrot cichlids are abominations they are hybrids with narrow throat so hard time eating.

    yup totally agree. i found out about that after i got my first batch of parrot cichlids. stopped buying after that.. the ones i had, eventually died(except for one) they get bigger and bigger they can't move their jaws..and so will die a sad death. was parrot free for a month or so and then this new batch arrived 😛 ..had no choice but to keep them. the friend they belonged to had to move to a different city and couldn't take her tanks with her. they needed a home, and i had the biggest tank around.

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