Replaced the Cichlid Tank’s Stand


The Cichlid tank's stand had an 2 inch tall raised edge that covered the thermocol and bottom of the tank..

looked neat and well designed.. unfortunately it was a moisture trap and allowed the wood to get waterlogged.. i only noticed it a month back when i saw this hideous fungus growing at the back of the tank..

on removing it, it became apparent that the damage was unfixable.. parts of the back had decayed and were now hollow..

so i called the carpenter and he built a new stand.. this time without the rim.. and also with four legs(my mom's idea).. so that any water seeping in will just drip away, and also we can clean the floor under the tank.
heres some pics of the damage under/inside the stand..

and heres the tank with the new stand

this time i put my own laminate sheet on the wood, taped it all in place and then put the thermocol sheets.. hope this works. Any water spills/drips should just drip off.. and not water-log anywhere.


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