Blender 2.63

Got the latest version of Blender yesterday..
took it for a spin..created this dune buggy

(i'm using the Blender UI Theme "Ënergy" by Studio LLB. get it here)
Notable new features that i enjoyed were:
A long awaited improvement in modelling called Bmesh.

"BMesh is the new Blender mesh system with full support for N-sided polygons instead of only triangles and quads.

In particular there is a new Dissolve tool to remove vertices, edges and faces without making holes in the mesh, a new Inset tool to inset faces, and a much improved Knife tool which takes advantage of N-gons to generate clear cuts. Tools such as subdivide and loop cut will also generate clean topology because faces no longer have to be triangulated."
(heres a video of it in action)

A full list of additions can be seen here in the official release notes

get it here
(windows, Mac OS, Linux and FreeBSD)

heres a render of the model

update june 13:

heres an interactive webgl version

3 thoughts on “Blender 2.63”

  1. Not a bad buggy considering the short time you have done it in.

    What I really like is the SketchFab feature. I have been trying to find ways to make 3D Blender models interactive on a browser for some time but never really managed to do so.

    I assume SketchFab is a service a little like youtube where you upload your 3D models in a particular file format and it automatically makes it interactive….If this is the case then SketchFab looks like an impressive service.

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