Open World, Wild Western on Android


Got this game last night(Free)from the google Play store. It's basically a Wild West themed Open world RPG on your android(also on ios)device..

Reminded me a lot, of Red Dead Redemption(on PC, xbox etc.) its like that but with the added twist of .. well everything from regular run of the mill bandits and rattle snakes.. to zombies, hovering witches and all kinds of other stuff.

heres some gameplay footage from the trailer

You have a horse, that helps cover large distances.. that helps

.. it also features what turned out to be a pretty good cover system. So far i've only upgraded the primary weapon(six shooter) but apparently you cna do lots more.. buy rifles, clothes that provide better protection, etc.

Requires around 300mb of space, so its not too heavy. Graphics are quite decent(wish there was a HD version for my tab though). Get it now for free, from the Play store here

The IOS version is getting a steampunk update
"The new Steampunk update includes new missions, weapons, clothes, & even a new Steampunk inspired horse, the blazing fast “Black Shadow!” "(read more here)..

so the android version will probably do the same.. soon.


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