Dead Space


The sci-fi horror masterpiece DEAD SPACE(mobile) first came to ipads and iphones a year back. And then had been on the Xperia Play for a while now.. as an Xperia play exclusive. A few months back it was released for a few more devices.. and today when i checked it was available for my Acer tab(Play Store link).

Now i usually stay away from the horror genre of games, but this one looked so good (graphics-wise) that i couldn't avoid it. And it didn't disappoint either.
heres what it looks like on my tab:

(due to a slow net connection i couldn't upload the hd version of the video.. but you can look at quite a few on youtube here)

The controls are quite different from other shooters i've played like Shadowgun..
here there are no on-screen joysticks or shoot buttons, infact you endup using the whole screen.. which is quite tedious on a 10.1" screen..

but the action hasn't been too frenetic so far, so its been manageable.

I havn't played any of the games in this franchise so had no clue what i was getting into. As i mentioned earlier i avoid horror games,.. ok i am a big chicken .. i can't help it.. i almost didn't finish Doom3!

So Anyway i did some research and heres what i dug up on the backstory. The android(and IOS) game is set somewhere in the middle – between Deadspace1 and 2. So the events unfolding here happen after Isaac Clarke escapes Aegis VII at the end of DeadSpace1.

In the Android/ios version you don't play as Isaac, but a guy Vandal. A new convert of Unitology sent on a special, covert mission for the Church. Things go to hell as soon as the game begins once you find out that the Church has screwed you, and your guide Tyler, over, as your actions release a Necromorph outbreak in the mines. You are soon contacted by the government and must try to fix the damage you caused in order to stop this outbreak from spreading.

All this takes place on the mines of Titan, a nearby facility of The Sprawl, and the setting of Dead Space 2

Special stuff i liked:
The motion controls take some getting used to but once that happens they appear really intuitive. The weapons controls are awesome. especially the integration of the accelerometer.. you tilt your device to rotate your weapon's alignment!
In aiming mode, you can activate Stasis by tapping an icon on the back of your character.
There are plenty of checkpoints.. so if you die you don't have to relive too much of the horror.

Stuff i need to crib about:
The levels while well detailed are easy to get lost in.. i found myself using the Locator to show you the correct path.

So far the game is fun, will post an update when i finish it.


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